Industry Leader

Pioneer Waterproofing, Inc., established in 1964, provides building repair and maintenance services to owners of commercial and historic buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest. Today our crew of highly trained people provide a broad range of services which offer cost effective, long term solutions to the problems faced by building owners and managers.

Committed to Exceptional Customer Service

Our strong record of repeat clients confirms Pioneer Waterproofing’s commitment to providing exceptional service at the lowest possible cost. We invest heavily in continuing education for all employees so that we bring to each project the latest technology and problem solving skills. This insures that every job is done correctly the first time with the best products available.

Protect Your Investment

Pioneer Waterproofing encourages you to preserve your building and protect your investment at the same time. We recommend that you develop a yearly maintenance plan for all buildings and parking structures under your management. Yearly evaluations have proven to not only add years of life to buildings, but save owners from very expensive repairs down the road. Offering over 30 different services, Pioneer can assist in developing and implementing your maintenance plan, providing direct preventative healthcare for your building.